Fault Finding and Leak Detection

GeoRadar Australia are specialists in the field of fault finding and leak detection. We’re a locally owned and operated underground asset management and non-destructive testing company. We frequently complete hydro excavation, drain cleaning and concrete scanning services across Queensland. To add to our wide range of services, we can complete fault finding in cable faults and leak detection in pipes. To discuss the fault finding and leak detection needs of your site, talk to the team at GeoRadar Australia today.


Fault Finding

The GeoRadar Australia team can detect, locate and characterise cable faults. We identify shorts and open circuits by using time domain reflectometry (TDR). We’re able to provide you with accurate data including the ability to measure the distance to fault and cable length. Our equipment monitors cables for intermittent faults and automatically stops testing once the fault is identified. We can also measure the accurate distance to shorts or open. If you’re looking for a professional team to locate cable faults on your site, talk to the team at GeoRadar Australia.


    Leak Detection

    Along with fault finding, GeoRadar Australia provides leak detection services. Early detection of water leaks is crucial in reducing costs and minimising damage to pipes and surrounding structures. At GeoRadar Australia, we utilise Acoustic Leak Detection to identify pipe leaks.

    Acoustic Leak Detection is beneficial to clients for a variety of reasons. Acoustic Leak Detection is a non-invasive, non-destructive, fast and efficient way to find leaking pipes. Acoustic Leak Detection also saves you time and money. By taking preventative steps with Acoustic Leak Detection to find leaks in your pipes you’re reducing potential hazards and damage to assets and downtime and disruption to project timelines.

      The GeoRadar Australia Team

      GeoRadar Australia have been providing fault finding and leak detection services since our establishment in 2008. Our team focus on making the invisible, visible. We have built a strong client base across Queensland who trust us with their fault finding and leak detection needs. To organise for a professional and skilled team to work on your underground assets finding cable faults and detecting pipe leaks, talk to the team at GeoRadar Australia. 

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        Fault Finding and Leak Detection Locations

        GeoRadar Australia provide fault finding and leak detection services across Queensland. We provide services from Bundaberg to Emerald including locations such as Gladstone, Rockhampton, Gracemere, Argoon, Theodore, Banana, Tannum Sands and Springsure.

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