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If you’re searching for a way to effectively and quickly clean your drains without causing damage to your pipes, consider our jet rodder hire. Jet rodding also known as hydro jetting is a relatively new and effective way of safely cleaning drains and sewers. The team at GeoRadar Australia have the tools and skills to efficiently clean your stormwater drains, pipes and more with our jet rodder hire. The jet rodder is similar to a high-pressure water cleaner but is larger and designed to unblock bigger drains and pipes faster and more effectively. We’re able to clear industrial and mining site drains from Bundaberg to Emerald.

What Can The Jet Rodder Clear?

The reason hydro jetting is such a popular service in the plumbing industry is due to the fact it can clean drains quickly and easily. From residential to commercial to industrial sites, jet rodding can pump water up to 5000psi and cut through oils, fats, old waste, blockages and even tree roots.

A jet rodder is beneficial for many reasons. Firstly, by using a jet rodder you’re reducing damage to your pipes. With typical methods of drain cleaning, you may have to use destructive excavation methods to clear blockages, whereas the jet rodder destroys blockages with highly pressurized water. A jet rodder is capable of unclogging drains, removing years of build-up and works as a method for tree root removal. Overall, this way of unblocking drains is easy, cost-effective and less destructive than traditional methods.


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    The GeoRadar Australia Team

    The GeoRadar Australia Team are Dial Before You Dig Accredited and have worked on numerous projects across Queensland. We’re cable providing drain cleaning solutions that are non-destructive to your site or pipes. We’ll work with you to provide the right customised solution for your site.

    Jet Rodder Hire Locations

    GeoRadar Australia has offices in Bundaberg and Emerald. From here we can provide jet rodder hire to Gladstone, Rockhampton, Gracemere, Argoon, Theodore, Banana, Tannum Sands, Springsure and beyond.

    Contact GeoRadar Australia

    To organise jet rodder hire and the high pressure cleaning of your pipes today, talk to the team at GeoRadar Australia. We’ll work with you to create a drain cleaning solution that’s tailored to the needs of your site. Contact us today by giving us a call or filling out our online form.


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