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GeoRadar Australia is a locally owned and operated underground asset management and non-destructive testing company with branches in Bundaberg and Emerald. We supply a range of services including cable and pipe location, hydro excavation, CCTV pipe inspection, concrete scanning, drain cleaning, jet rodding, fault finding, leak detection, surveying and underground mapping. Read more about our services below or contact us now about the service you require for your site.


At GeoRadar Australia, one of the main services we provide is cable and pipe location. Our team can safely and efficiently locate and identify underground subsurface assets. We’re able to use our ground penetrating radar to find underground utilities such as telecommunication cables, water pipes, gas lines and other underground infrastructure. By knowing where underground utilities lie, you can complete your project with confidence knowing that you won’t damage subsurface assets.


    Another prominent service that GeoRadar Australia provide is hydro excavation. Hydro excavation also known as non-destructive digging or vacuum excavation is the method of unearthing underground utilities with pressurised water and an air vacuum. Hydro excavation works by using a vac truck to suck up dirt and debris around the underground services you need to work on. Hydro excavation is useful for when you need to complete maintenance or repairs on pipes, drains, telecommunication cables, gas lines and more.

      CCTV pipe inspection is another service we provide with our CCTV Robotic Inspection Crawler. Our crawler robot can move through drains and pipes that are too small of man entry. With its camera and 360-degree pan, the CCTV Robotic Inspection Crawler can find blockages, debris and sediment as well as identify offset joints, pipe cracks, leaks and much more. If you want to see the condition of your pipes in real time, consider our CCTV pipe inspection services.

        Concrete scanning is the perfect way to identify and assess the quality of your concrete slabs. We employ a non-destructive GPR method of scanning concrete which can locate reinforcing, tension cables, conduits, voids, PVC pipes as well as measure slab thickness.

          If you’re looking for professional drain cleaning solutions for your sewer or stormwater pipes, we provide jet rodding solutions. Our jet rodder can remove blockages, clean fats, oils and grime from drains as well as cut through tree roots.


            Our team are specialists when it comes to fault finding and leak detection. We can accurately detect, locate and characterise cable faults. When it comes to leak detection, we use Acoustic Leak Detection technology to identify pipe leaks.

              To gain an overall view of your project site and the subsurface utilities beneath it, we offer subsurface underground mapping services. Our team provide subsurface utility engineering services to deliver accurate mapping information of existing underground assets.

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                GeoRadar Australia has offices in Bundaberg and Emerald. From these locations, we service regions such as Gladstone, Rockhampton, Gracemere, Argoon, Theodore, Banana, Tannum Sands and Springsure.

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                To discuss any of our services for your site across Queensland, talk to the team at GeoRadar Australia. We have branches in Emerald and Bundaberg and can come to your site when you need us. Get in touch with us today by giving us a call or filling out our online form.


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