Concrete Scanning


GeoRadar Australia provides concrete slab scanning services across Queensland from our offices in Bundaberg,Rockhampton and Emerald. At GeoRadar Australia, we employ a non-destructive GPR method to investigate and scan concrete. We can provide critical data to clients for the assessment and investigation of their concrete. Our concrete scanning machine can find many hidden dangers found in concrete such as conduits, post-tension cables and rebar. If you’re looking into concrete radar scanning for your site, talk to the team at GeoRadar Australia.

Concrete Radar Scanning

GPR scanning is an effective method to know what is inside your structure. Concrete scanning is non-destructive and does not pose health risks, unlike the method of x-ray technology. In fact, our concrete scanning machine is more accurate, safer and more cost-effective than an x-ray machine. Our GPR scanning is able to target to a depth of 1 metre and more in concrete, which is impossible with x-ray.

At GeoRadar Australia, we utilise multi-channel and multi-frequency GPR system operations. We have an advanced radar sensor for non-destructive structural analysis to locate targets within concrete structures. Our concrete scanning machine is able to locate reinforcing, tension cables, conduits, voids, PVC pipes and measure slab thickness. We can provide you with 3D imaging of shallow and deep rebars in concrete. Our patent survey kit permits the acquisition of 3D images with the highest resolution. The full-polar antenna of the concrete scanning machine reveals shadowed and deep targets, halving acquisition time compared to standard concrete mapping products.

    The GeoRadar Australia Team

    The GeoRadar Australia team have years of experience providing concrete slab scanning services to projects across Queensland. We have the high quality equipment, skills and knowledge to provide you with accurate concrete scanning data for your site.


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      Concrete Scanning Locations

      GeoRadar Australia provides concrete scanning services across Queensland. We have offices in Bundaberg, Rockhampton and Emerald where we can service all of the Central Highlands, Fitzroy and Wide Bay areas. We can also provide a react of asset detection and management services to these areas. 

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        Get in touch with the team at GeoRadar Australia to discuss concrete slab scanning services for your site. We’ll work with you to create a GPR scanning plan that works for your site. We’re even able to provide concrete scanning for Civil Engineering and Cultural Heritage applications. Talk to us today by giving us a call or filling out our online form.


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