CCTV Crawler Robotic Inspection Camera

To inspect for the integrity and maintenance of stormwater, sewers and pipes, GeoRadar Australia has a CCTV Robotic Inspection Camera. If your project requires real-time data from your pipes, mainlines or sewers, a CCTV Robotic Crawler Inspection Camera can provide instant and accurate data. If you’re concerned about cracks, leads or debris in your pipes, the CCTV Robotic Crawler Inspection Camera is capable of identifying them all. Our CCTV Robotic Crawler Inspection Camera includes a range of features that makes assessing the state of your pipes easier than ever before. Learn more about CCTV Pipe Inspections


CCTV Inspection Data

The CCTV Robotic Crawler Inspection Camera is capable of providing real-time accurate data that can identify a range of issues within your drainage systems. Data obtained from CCTV inspection include but is not limited to:

    • Evidence of sediment, debris, roots and blockages
    • Evidence of pipe sage and deflections
    • Offset Joints
    • Pipe cracks
    • Leaks
    • Location and condition of service connections

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      Capabilities and Benefits of the CCTV Inspection Camera

      Our CCTV Robotic Crawler Inspection Camera has a range of capabilities, benefits and features that can assist in the early identification of problems in your pipes and drains. 

      Firstly, the CCTV Camera Crawler surveying your pipes uses a pan of 360-degrees and a tilt of 270-degrees meaning it gets a clear view of your entire systems, no just one section. The CCTV Robotic Crawler Inspection Camera is also capable of underground water inspection of up to 10 metres. This means we can easily identify hazards in your water systems. 

      As well as up to 10 metres of underground water inspection, the CCTV Robotic Crawler Camera has the potential to inspect as far as 300 metres from a single entry hole, making it an ideal choice for large industrial, council or mining sites.

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